A terminal illness can shatter your world.
The isolation can be suffocating.
The fear can be debilitating.


Imagine being inspired… motivated… liberated…
to enjoy every moment to the fullest.

This is Dying the Dream, where death is reimagined.

End of Life Doula Support & Consultation
in Calgary & Surrounding Area

Dying the Dream was created to support and advocate for the dying. Committed, consistent, compassionate support is available to anyone facing end of life, as well as those who care for and about them.

An anchoring presence with gentle guidance throughout the dying process helps break through the stigma and misconceptions surrounding death and dying. The fears that created them are dissolved and replaced with purpose and meaning.

Living and dying without fear is true liberation.

State of Affairs

Our obsession with health and longevity has taken its toll. We are willing to do anything at any cost to reach this perceived pinnacle. Are health and longevity our true motivators or are we frantically running in the opposite direction, desperately trying to distance ourselves from our inevitable destiny?

Death in our culture is seen as failure – failure of medicine and for some, failure of faith. Conversations about death are hushed, our dead are immediately stowed out of sight and children are steered in the opposite direction.  Fear is the reason and the outcome.

From fear stems anxiety, depression and shame, especially to those who are not in good health, their notions of longevity dissolved.  Each feeds on the other and becomes a vicious cycle to which there seems no end. People get trapped in this cycle and believe they are being punished and they are – by themselves. This devastation is reversible.

Changing Course

The “death positive” movement that emerged nearly two decades ago has increasingly gained momentum and is now changing mindsets and lives across the globe.

People see the damage that decades of death phobic behaviour has inflicted and now strive to put death in a space of acceptance, dignity and community.

So let’s have more open and honest conversations about death. Let’s invite the children to watch when someone is dying for they too can learn that there is nothing to fear. Let’s take some time with our dead to really see them. Above all, let’s include the dying in their own lives.

End of Life Doulas, also known as Death Doulas, are just the people to facilitate these conversations and orchestrate the situations that strengthen bonds and inspire change and acceptance.

What are End of Life Doulas?

End of Life Doulas are trained non-medical professionals who provide support to the dying and those who choose to be involved in the process. From the time a terminal diagnosis is received, through the stages of active dying, death and bereavement, an End of Life Doula complements existing end of life care.

Although referrals to End of Life Doulas may be made by social workers, therapists, hospice organizations and other health care professionals, most are sought out independently and hired by the dying person, their family or friends or anyone recognizing the profound impact “dying well” has on the community at large. 

End of Life Doula support may include, but is not limited to:

  • clarification of advance care/end-of-life planning;
  • education and providing choice;
  • facilitation of communication with health care professionals and/or family members and others;
  • representation of and advocacy for the dying person’s wishes;
  • provision of comfort to the dying and those around them, whether physically, emotionally or spiritually;
  • vigil coordination, preparation and attendance;
  • delivery of post death and bereavement care.

End of Life Doulas do not:

  • diagnose medical conditions;
  • carry out any medical tasks;
  • offer medical, legal, financial advice;
  • make decisions for you.